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Hi! I'm Lemuel and I can help your business develop a strategy for success!

What is do I do?

I help my clients develop long-term value in the forms of relationships, new markets, and of course customers. 

My experience working for both corporations and start ups makes me well equipped to handle problems in multiple industries from multiple angles. I help challenge both old and new businesses go beyond their comfort zone to seek new business value.


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Quick Background

I have interviewed and worked with 50+ Executives, Start Up founders, and CEOs. During that period of time I have developed  a tool set that lets me help my clients develop their new businesses, marketing strategy and new value streams.  Contact me to learn more!

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My blog will discuss start ups, entrepreneurship, marketing and networking. It will help guide your business, even if you don’t require my personal services! I still want to be able to impact your team and help them start asking the right questions.

25 Tips To Gain New Customers And Clients

How To Gain New Clients and Customers? One of the hardest parts of a business is not setting up all the inter workings of accounting and legal. It is finding[…]

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Why Sponsoring an Event Is Not A Good Marketing Strategy

Designing a business development strategy and ensuring your target market knows you exist is sometimes a skipped step when starting a new venture. A lot of businesses simply hope word[…]

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How To Narrow Down Your Target Market Workshop

Who is your target market? Whether looking to develop a new product, or starting a new business. You cannot start a new venture without eventually answering, “Who is my target[…]

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Looking to start a new business, or develop your current strategy? Need insight into new markets, or internal processes. Feel free to reach out.