Developing a Marketing Strategy-Creating Hype

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Developing a Marketing Strategy-Creating Hype

July 19, 2017 Marketing Strategy 0

Once you have defined your market. It is time for you to implement a marketing strategy.

Marketing allows for a combination of creativity and cunning! It can be a lot of fun when done correctly.

If no one on your start up team has marketing experience.

This post is for you. It will guide you through the basic how-tos of marketing. The key being, create hype, before your product comes out.

Without hype and marketing, many great products and start ups have failed, and fallen to deaf ears!

How do you create hype for your product or service you ask?

Create a Marketing Strategy

The best way to learn about marketing strategy is to look at examples of great marketing strategy!

For great marketing strategy case studies, think about Disney (with Star Wars and Marvel), or the Mayweather vs. Mcgregor fight. Both are beautiful examples of building hype using every form of media possible.

Remember this Star Wars marketing ad?

This was released in 2014. The actual release data for Star Wars VII wasn’t for another 1.5 years!

And we were already drooling at the edge of our seats!

They created hype, they created a need, in a product that didn’t even exist. That, is perfect marketing.

Mayweather and McGregor Have Beef, Lets Hype that Up!

Similarly, boxing has done an amazing job at building hype for a fight that makes no sense!

They created lots of videos, blog posts, and digital content to help promote the concept that McGregor had beef with Mayweather.

Maybe he really did. The point is, boxing ran with it and built an amazing amount of hype with digital marketing, content marketing, and just classic marketing.

How? They first built it up online, now they are building it up in real life, promotions, conferences, weird stand offs between the two fighters, etc.

Then the fight will occur. There will be plenty of merchandising, and so on.


Modern Marketing Strategy

Guess what, in this modern world of marketing, you have to think like that!

I recommend all my clients start looking for great examples of hype and marketing strategy.

The key to getting good at anything is learning how to pick apart other people doing well in the same subject.

If you are a chef, eat at the best restaurant and see what good chefs do. If you are a programmer, find a good programmer and look at their code! For programmers, we all have that coming to Jesus moment when we realize our code is terrible…when we see someone’s code who is 10x better.

The same goes for great marketing! When you see an example of good strategy. Don’t be jealous of it. Learn from it, break it down, dissect it, and make it your own.

Build Marketing Hype!

how to plan marketing

Not anymore! Now it is more like math and chess!

Alright, so enough talk about other companies that did great marketing. Now how do you do great marketing? How do you plan an amazing strategy?

Start ups need to understand what hype really is. What is hype?

Hype is using amplifying an idea through as many networks as possible.

If you have never studied graph theory, just think about Facebook. Think about how a MEME might go from person A to person B.

If I challenged you today, to try to get a MEME from person A to B without direct messaging both.

Now multiply that by 10,000 people. People like to think funnel…which makes sense, but in this modern world. It is more like a web.

create marketing hype

Just because you lose one customer, doesn’t mean you can affect another one!

That is why the internet is great!

The key is to create nodes that will post, share, and retweet your information. What is the shortest route? Which person should you share it to? Who should retweet it?

Your business, or start up needs to plan that!

What Tools Do You Have to Build Your Strong Network?

Well, besides your current network. There is a powerful tool that has existed for several decades now! It is called digital marketing.

This is really just a bunch of tools that all roll up into digital marketing.

Below I will discuss how to work with these tools, and how you can use them to grow your network and create product hype.

Using Digital Marketing to Get People Excited:

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for pretty much any form of digital advertisement. You could include SEO, content marketing, pay per click ads, native ads, social media marketing, and the list goes on. All of these are tools to do one thing. Get your target market to know you exist! Now how do you use these marketing tools?

Quick Tip: Before we get into the different types of marketing. I wanted to point something out. Social marketing, content market, all of that. It won’t save your new business, or bring your current one out of a slump. It is one of many tools you have. Make sure you take the time to really look at which levers you use. One of the thing I learned developing a $500 million budget was seeing which levers could be played with to move which team and how it effects strategy. You only have so much time, money, and people to work with. Its about being effective with what you got!

Content Marketing

Remember that Star Wars ad? That was content. It also made you want something! It wasn’t long, but you got the message!

You could even argue that both the Marvel movies and Star Wars are just big advertisements to buy Star Wars and Marvel toys.

How do you do the same thing? Well, it depends on the product. If you have a tool that will save managers money or time.

Then think about info-graphics, blog posts (discussing how much time other managers are saving), create a meme, be creative!

This is a chance to be memorable, to create a need, to make someone laugh and feel emotion.

Be genuine in whatever content you create. Show a little of yourself, don’t play it to safe and over think it.

Start ups should show their passion, show honesty. We are becoming numb to the current ads. People want honest passion and care. Not just another corporate monkey in a suit.

Social Media Marketing

social media marketing strategy

Now that you have all this beautiful content, people will just come flooding to your site right?

Probably not!

Hopefully, you have been building up at least 1 if not multiple twitter accounts (1 for the company, and others for the CEO, and other employees). This is how you start your network talking.

If you just post one post, it will never get out there.

Maybe you will be lucky and someone else will repost it once, or twice.

Guess what, there are millions of other people trying to get their message out there. So you need to do better. It’s not just tweeting, it is having a team of retweeters.

Don’t always have the same people retweet by the way! But actual nuanced strategy would require an in person meeting.

You should also look into creating pages and accounts on

  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Stumble upon
  • Tumblr
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • Hacker News (if your product is tech related)

To name a few. You want to start early! The more followers, karma, likes and retweets you can get early is important.

You want to be marketing  months before you start! That will allow for easy access to thousands, if not millions of users that might be interested in your product.


How do some people get so many followers so fast? Why do some people get so many more likes then you?

They ask for them!

Honestly! Go ask your friends, they are sure to have social media accounts, ask your co-workers(if you haven’t quit yet), don’t be afraid! Otherwise, no one will just do it

I have a friend who I had to beg them to actually go out and follow other people, and ask their friends to follow their pages.

They believed that the right people would follow them…but one year later, when they had barely grown 10 followers. They finally realized they needed to get out there.

Shares and Likes

Obviously, be fair and re tweet and share their stuff. Be the first person to retweet or share. People feel like they owe you something when you do something first!

The more nodes that you can influence and get to share your content, expands who sees your content!

That is for retweeting and sharing!

Followers and Friends

Now what about followers? Some people buy them…ewwww…that is no good.

You want real followers, not automated accounts.

Guess what, if someone follows you on twitter, ask them to follow you on Linkedin, or Facebook.

It actually works about 10%-30%. So if you have 100 followers on twitter, you might get ten more on Linkedin.

Keep growing that network!

Now…I know what you are thinking. This is a lot of work. Twitter, Facebook, ugh…when do I have time to work on my actual Start Up?

There are three options. Manually manage accounts, automate, or pay for a service.

The best option, if you can afford it is to pay for a service. They know how to create buzz without trying!

Most likely, that is out of most peoples pay range! Some services cost anywhere from 3-10k a month.


There are a lot of great tools out there!

To name a few!

PPC Or Its Similar Cousins Like Sponsored Ads

Finally, pay per click. Google, Facebook, and Twitter are just a few examples of companies that specialize in this type of marketing. You give them some cash and they get your product out there.

This, I would recommend you wait until you have a product. This can lead to people wanting to inquire about your product days after you start using it.

So make sure you have a product to sell!

The question is, does it work?

Personally, Facebook’s has not been very helpful. The classic Google PPC has driven a lot more traffic and created a lot more conversions. However, I do recommend at least devoting 10% each of your PPC budget to both twitter and Facebook for 3 months.

Some products do better than others!

Overall Marketing


how to plan marketing strategy

Finally, there is just the overall marketing strategy. A start up can have 50,000 followers, and hundreds of up votes on Reddit.

But do people know what you are?

Are they using your product?

Where does that come into in your marketing strategy?

See, hype is just part of marketing. There is a little bit of marketing that is sales.

YOU NEED TO TELL A STORY! Make your target market need your product 

That is, create a new with your ad, content, tweets.

Tell a story with 140 characters that make people want to have your product?

Now, of course in order to do that.

You need to know why you made your product? What drove you to make it.

I say that because not all start ups actually know! Sometimes they just thought they had a cool idea and they are rolling with it.

But part of your marketing strategy needs to be you creating a narrative that makes people want your product.

All that content, all those tweets, needs to point to that?

Creating that “why” is a lot of fun! It requires short 45 minute meetings. Focused questioning, and really challenging whether your idea is good or not!

Final Point

A good product that has bad marketing, will fail. No questions asked. If you don’t believe me, think about how many bad products are out there, that people continue to buy.

It is why we are willing to pay 5x the price for the same product with a better brand, it is why we prefer and trust one product over another.

People like to pretend ad don’t affect them. Yet, on some microscopic level. Marketing ads done well are so good, you don’t even realize they have you under their spell.

Who cares though! If your product is great, and your ad makes me trust you more. Then I have no complaints!

So, the question is…What is your marketing strategy? Some quick questions to think about.

  • Is there emotion or nostalgia you can elect with you product?
  • Where does your target market spend their time online?
  • Who influences your target market?
  • What other types of products does your target market like?
  • Who are the top sharers in your market(not influencers)?
  • How can you tell your products story?
  • Why did you make your product?
  • How would you convince your market they need their product(so many companies can’t answer this! They think people just want their product????)
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