About Me

New Businesses, New Markets, More Value

I have worked for both large corporations and start ups in all different stages. I analyzed and developed $500 million dollar budgets and $50,000. I have interviewed or worked with over 50+ start up CEOs, founders and executives. This has provided me a vast array of tools to use towards your business problems and needs.

My core focus is helping start ups, established businesses, large corporations, and personalities grow their business and develop their marketing and business development strategy.

Things I am not!

I am not a digital marketer! I specialize in helping developing businesses customer base as well as internal processes, enhancing business reach, guiding business strategy, and developing a road map for customer success. My goal is to enhance your business value by opening new markets, reaching new customers, devising new or assessing old strategies and ensuring your businesses succeeds whatever the stage it is currently in.

Who I have Worked With

I have worked with start ups that focus on digital marketing, consulting, Etsy stores, and healthcare. I have consulted on analytical projects that focus on behavioral health, pharmaceutical strategy, etc.